About Us

Friends of Kianjai Kenya (FKK) was started by 3 families, one Kenyan and two British, to enable the people of Kianjai to survive the famine of 2011. For 4 months FKK bought maize and beans to feed a community that was on the brink of starvation.

In October 2011 the rains thankfully came and there was a harvest. Through the challenging time of famine FKK discovered that this vibrant rural Kenyan community has leaders of integrity, creativity and energy for change. Their resources are depleted but the social enterprise and dedication is inspiring. Friendships have been forged which make FKK uniquely placed to work at a grass roots level and to make a significant contribution to change. We see it as our role to work with community leaders to identify sustainable solutions, and to channel resources which will enable them to realise their vision and chart their future.

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Our Activities

Our work spans across three main categories: education sponsorship, developing sustainable solutions to the problem of food supply, and work with the special needs community.
Based at the Rehema Centre we are working to provide outreach services across Tigania West.
Sponsoring students through secondary school to give them a better future.
Finding solutions to improve the food supply.

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People are really very kind and generous!!! When you get involved in something like shipping goods to Africa you discover what lovely people there are in the world 😊 Many thanks to Wayne, Kevin the estates team and lecturer Cathy Boshardt from Wyggeston Queen Elizabeth College Leicester for finding books etc for us. And to so many friends and neighbours who have helped pack up!!
Without your support we just couldn’t do this xxx

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It’s been another busy day for us packing up items to ship to Kenya at the end of this month. Thanks to our local schools for some wonderful second hand uniform, and to everybody who has donated items to send... a big thank you!! ...

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Some of the fantastic people and organizations we work with to deliver on our cause.


Your assistance remains one of greatest thing that ever happened in my life. I remain grateful and feel lucky to have been chosen as one of the recipients of this great opportunity. It’s something that I find myself appreciating every single day of my life. It has given me more zeal and motivation to work harder.


Sponsored Student

The FKK special needs soccer program focuses on inclusion, socialisation, fun and developing a love of the game. Parents are expressing their happiness for the positive change in their children’s life and behaviours.


Special Needs Teacher and Football Coach