Special Units in Tigania West are woefully under resourced; none have any adapted aids for toileting, or sitting, few have ramps and they lack even the bare essentials of desks and chairs. Still in the face of these challenges special unit teachers are energetic and resourceful to do their best for these children. Inspired by their enthusiasm FKK have tried to resource these units where possible. All 14 units have been supplied with an educational resource library, clothes and bedding. Four units have been equipped with furniture. It is our hope that each unit can be transformed from the above image (showing the Twale Special Unit) into this:-

Machaku special unit children in jobial moods after wearing uniforms,tracksuits,athletics kits and cardigans donated to them by Grosvena school in uk through friends of kianjai in uk.Gratitudes to caroline and Elizabeth who brought the donations all the way to kenya and to school .God bless you all.Amen.

Posted by Susan Kaigongi