In 2012 in the name of the Rehema CBO three acres of land was purchased at Kitheo near Mikunduri, on which to build a Respite and Assessment Centre for children with disabilities and their mothers or carers. The vision for this centre is that it will provide a base at which children can come for a residential stay, enabling them to be assessed, to have an intervention plan established, to have adapted aids made if appropriate, to give their mothers a time of respite, and to then send them home with education and resources that improve their physical and emotional well being.

This Centre sits within the solid community framework of support that FKK have been building in the community over the last five years, and referrals to the service will come through the special units, physio clinics and playgroups that FKK have established in the sub county. In this way the intensive intervention provided at the Centre can be followed up and monitored after the child has finished their residential stay. It also enables us to ensure that the Centre is not perceived as a ‘home’, and that awareness is made from the beginning that the centre is for short term care and respite.

The centre sits on good land to which FKK have brought water and electricity. To date one dormitory and toilet block have been built, and an arable farm together with pigs and cows has been established.

The existing dormitory block that still requires finishing.