Rob is running a marathon, hoping to raise enough to get Rebeca a water pan. Read her story…

Rebeca Gacheri is the Chairperson at Lairangi MCK church. She is also a member of the water pan project and the agriculture officers have recommended her land as good for ground and roof water catchment.

She is a passionate farmer who has been practicing agriculture for the last 22 years, since she was married. This is supported by her will to move from the normal maize and beans crops and integrate bananas & mangoes which clearly need water, as evidenced in the attached photos.

Rebeca has a family household of 7 and is currently fetching water for home use at Tuutua, which is about 5 kms away. The vendors are charging a 20 ltr barrel at 25shillings due to waiting time at the water point.

Last season she planted 3 bags of beans but unfortunately she did not harvest anything.

Due to her passionate farming spirit and leadership skills Rebeca has been identified as an ideal candidate for facilitating progression with the water pan project.