FKK have been hosting a fun day out for disabled children and their families since 2013. The days have become massively successful with over 600 attending. Of these days Nkanata Mwiti, a special needs teacher based comments,

‘These days are very worthwhile; during the day the children really enjoy themselves, they interact and play. The parents also interact and discover that others share their challenges, they learn something from the gathering. The guests see things for the first time, we bring them closer to the lives of these disabled children. It is very much reducing stigma. You realize that parents who have always kept the child hidden are bringing them out. They think they are missing something, and the teachers can identify a new child in their area who can be brought to the school.’

The days include morning porridge, lunch, presentations from the Special Unit children, time for play, and comments from invited guests. In 2018 due to their increasing popularity we are hosting one in each division of Akithi, Kianjai, and Uringu. We expect 250 people at each.