The Community Workshops were established in 2013. The objectives were identified as improving health and the environment for the child through improved parent education. It is also a good opportunity to build trust and understanding with families of disabled children, and to bring on board the local community eg using local nurses. Phase one workshops have been made available to parents from all 14 Special Units across Tigania West. In 2017 we plan to start these workshops for parents of the younger children at our Mother to Mother playgroups.

Community Workshop topics include: Family planning , budgeting ( to make better use of the little they have), hygiene (reduce jiggers and worms), family first aid, immunisations, and education on the medical causes of disability.

One of the Community Workshop facilitators commented,

‘At the end of every session the parents really had a lot to contribute. They want us to continue these sessions with phase two workshops going deeper into topics. I know they were getting something good from them. The Community Workshops brought these mothers together. In many area’s they have now formed support groups often with a savings merry-go-round. By bringing them together we create an opportunity for them to know each other. Quite a few groups have registered the children as disabled. They can get government assistance of 1500 ksh a month…… but I think less than 5% of those registered actually get any money and even then it’s not continuous. But the support the parents get from each other is very good.’