Hello Dear Supporter

We are so pleased to report that our plans to imbed independence and sustainability into our projects with disabled communities in the Kianjai region are looking very promising and realisable. The next three years are crucial to delivering our vision that all our 14 special needs units will be feeding themselves from their own farms.

We are hoping that you will give your support at this critical time where we are investing in our small farms and yet still maintaining our committment to the feeding program.The feeding program will cost £10850 next year and we have a pledge of £3000 to match any donation you can give.   Your support makes a huge impact in this community and we can assure you that 100% of what you give gets directly to the point of need.

This email will give you a snap shot of where we are and a DONATE NOW button at the end gives you an opportunity to support us directly.

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An FKK training day – the teachers join small learning groups and the children paint and draw. Lunch is a highlight of the day.

Thank you for your support and interest in FKK during 2018. Our photos  illustrate some high points of this year where we saw the funding arrive and work commence on the  special unit small farms. The waterpans have been completed in  5 special units and are now full from the October rains. All our teachers have received farming training and are being supported by Lucy our farming advisor to plan a cropping scheme for the next harvest. They have started a WhatsApp group to share ideas and support. FKK will continue to provide the feeding program for 1 year after the farm has been set up and we plan to reduce this program over the following 2 years in a gradual way. Our students at the units are fully involved in this exciting project and each can find a way to contribute.


Uringu Students using farming skills – one of the first special units to benefit from a waterpan (see in the background).The corrugated iron roof catches rainwater which collects in the deep pan underneath, minimising evaporation and in dry season will be available via irrigation systems to water the land.

This is a hard-working community that want to support themselves. We are at a critical stage where funding for the next 4 years is needed for the feeding program as it is phased out. Please consider what you can give to make this possible.

Thank you so much.  For further information on the project including plans and pictures please email FKK Chairperson Caroline Newton caroline@mulhouse.co.uk

With Greetings, this Christmas and the very best wishes from your trustees

Gladys Gesage, Jonathan & Elizabeth Gichaara, Sally Livsey and Caroline Newton


https://www.google.com/s2/photos/public/AIbEiAIAAABDCIGF9_rausOvPSILdmNhcmRfcGhvdG8qKDRlYWQ3ODg2Y2I1YjYwNGFiZGZiYTBhNmRjNWNiMWI1MDIxZWJlMmQwAU6DMvhBMIrbMdoGoLLhMFun5LVY?sz=32 Sally Livsey, Treasurer & Trustee Dec 2018