Our Ref.: Watertechkenya/Farmers Day

Re: Invitation to participate in Educational Farmers Field Day

We take this opportunity to cordially invite you to attend and participate in the Educational Farmers Field day to be held on 15th February 2019 at Mituntu Youth Polytechnic in Tigania West Sub-County, Meru County. The Educational farmers field day has been Organized by Friends of Kianjai in Partnership with Rotary club of Nithi and Water technologies Management Consultant. This partnership has installed over 20 rain harvesting farms in the local area, and this day is to capacity build within this existing group and extend information to the wider community.

The theme is Water for Food Security: Empowering Farmers and Special Units through farm demonstration and Stakeholders Exhibitions’.

The following are the workshop objectives:

  • To create awareness and share experiences on the potential of rainwater harvesting and management for improving and sustaining livelihoods for smallholder farmers semi-arid environments of Tigania-West and Tharaka Nithi regions
  • To demonstrate on rainwater harvesting & management systems and complementary technologies through a field day and exhibitions by various stakeholders
  • To formulate follow up action plans to enhance the promotion of RHM systems and complementary technologies in the Special units.
  • To empower farmers through information sharing with various Stakeholders in the Value Chain in the Agricultural produce.

Please confirm your attendance at your earliest opportunity to enhance and facilitate planning arrangements.

Yours Faithfully,

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Caroline Newton


Friends of Kianjai

Mr. Ronald Kamadi

Project Consultant

Water Technologies Mg. Consultant